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Up & Coming Designers You Need To Know



By Michele Smith
Facebook – MicheleSmithMarketing

We all know the major players in the game … Vera Wang, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein to name just a few. Who are the new, up and coming designers? According to Vogue, these young designers are making waves and a name for themselves. Please meet the following talent whose work is taking center stage on the major runways and are even popular with the celebrities.

Matthew Williams

Matthew Williams, a New York City based designer, founded his line Alyx named after his adorable daughter in 2015. He has designed for popular celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kanye West. William’s design line focuses on luxury basics with skater tees and perfectly cut flares.  Fashionistas can shop for the William’s line in trendy stores such as Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Dover Street Market, Machine-A, The Broken Arm and Colette. Williams also co-founded the creative collective streetwear line Been Trill. Matthew Williams is clearly an up-and-coming designer to watch.

Raul Solis

Designer Raul Solis, also based in New York City, truly created a bedtime-inspired line that he debuted in 2015. The line consists of pyjama-inflicted separates and some seriously plush coats. LRS Studio founded by Raul Solis; a designer, artist and stylist from Mexico, designs his line in the spirit of sculpture, photography, music, street and the nightclub culture. The pieces deliver a soft, minimal look and refine basic elements such as fullness, lightness with attitude.

Glenn Martens

Glenn Martens, is a 19 year-old designer based out of Paris (originally from Belgium). His lines originated being glitzy and glamourous. Today the designer has now gained the attention of Rhianna, who has sported the label’s sweeping coat-dress and the pin stripped suit on her latest tour. Martens’s line known as the Y/Project delivers sexual in small doses, while combined with a unisex offering. Martens is also one of the designers short-listed for the coveted LVMH prize and clearly, a designer who will be sure to shine during the fall fashion shows.

Shan Huq

New York based designer Shan Huq has a very creative line combining kids club-wear with pop culture references. The Tila Tequila portrait print is a great design for those who like the flashy and for the more conservative, the designer offers chunky patterned outerwear. Noted as the fashion week breakout designer, Shan Huq debuted his collection with teenagers in St. Andrew’s church in the Lower East Side, accompanied by music of Brittney Spears and Olive Garden Commercials. The everyday teenagers from small towns throughout America sported tracksuit bottoms, cargo shorts, plaid shirts, and short skirts with beaten-up sneakers.

Christelle Kocher

Christelle Kocher is one to watch with her line Koché, where couture meets noncore. This up and coming designer’s line focuses on haute techniques with fashionable items like everyday hoodies and tees. As the creative founder of Koché, the designer lives and Paris, while commuting back and forth from New York. Her multiple collections made a statement at spring fashion week and everyone in the fashion industry is expecting more to come this fall.



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